The Center for Autosexual Reproduction was founded by
Scott Andrew and Nina Sarnelle.

Scott Andrew
Chief Executive Officer

Nina Sarnelle



Bob Bingham
Diplomatic Liaison

Orvokki Halme
Research & Development

Lauren Goshinski
Marketing Analyst

Julia Cahill
Community Outreach

Adam Leatherman
Senior Managment

Ethan Jerrett
Software Development

Anna Bender
Omnisexual Manuception Technician

Rachel Keller
Intrpersonal Expulsionary Technician

Nicky Robels
Solocircumflation Technician

Riva Strauss
Automotogenetic Technician

Valued Partnerships:

Keriann Schultheis
Jim Skees
Steinberger Floors (Jay and Adam Steinberger)
Joanna Percher
Colin Raffel
Alexandra Otte
Ben Pollock
Claire Chapelli
Rob Roth
Larry Shea