April 7

Uncovered a Facebook Group organized in protest against the Center!

Here is their slanderous call to action: Did you know that there are clinicians genetically modifying the reproductive process right in your back yard? Scientists promoting antisexual brunches in your neighborhood? Living creatures subjected to partially sanitized autoerotic devices on your block?Stand up for the American Family! Defend your Core Values! Denounce masturbatory overpopulation! Stand tall with us and protest the Center For Autosexual Reproduction on Friday April 8th at 8:00 PM at Bakery Square in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Ideology and Bob Seger songs will be provided.


April 8

Video of uproarius protest posted online. Violent sex addicts and tea party conservatives commit $12,000.87 in damages.

Protest at the Center for Autosexual Reproduction.


May 1

The Center for Autosexual Reproduction closes its doors due to inadequate funding, theft and continued antagonism from the community. Official statement issued by Community Developer: "Can we get that sex stuff out of our window?"